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ERG Systems was founded to provide shipping containers (Portable Tanks) and storage tanks for highly hazardous chemicals. ERG Systems not only builds equipment but prefers to supply integrated systems.

One of the chemicals served by ERG Systems’ products is carbon disulfide. As you know, carbon disulfide is a highly effective paraffin solvent but it is also highly flammable. ERG Systems has an answer, with a proven 15 year track record for safely handling carbon disulfide.

ERG Systems has designed a fully integrated shipping, storage, and well treatment system based on proven equipment. The business concept is to ship carbon disulfide in bulk to a terminal located in the treatment area. ERG Systems has a full line of storage tank systems ranging from 250 to 25,000 gallons. These tanks are designed to be skid mounted and "turn key". At the well site, a small self-contained storage/dosage system would be used for paraffin treatment. The system can be solar powered, if desired. It would inject carbon disulfide or a mixture into the well "down hole" to where it is needed. Just like a hospital, the ERG Systems package would deliver an "IV" to the sick well. Carbon disulfide would be delivered as needed from the terminal and the customer billed on usage and leased equipment.

ERG Systems would supply the complete package on a leased basis. Key points are as follows:

  • Carbon disulfide is the "gold standard" among paraffin solvents.
  • ERG Systems equipment has a 100% record for safe handling of carbon disulfide with no operator exposure and "zero discharge" to the environment.
  • All equipment is ASME coded pressure vessels.
  • Start-up assistance is provided.
  • Minimum to no capital requirements.
  • Bulk delivery gives the lowest price and highest profits.
  • ERG Systems products exceed all current and projected regulations for safety and environmental control.
  • ERG Systems' business is about designing, building and leasing equipment, not treating wells.

We believe that at today’s energy values, integrating our efficient, safe handling designs with your treatment procedures is a winning combination.

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