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Skid Tank Storage

The Storage Skid System consist of an 8,000 gallon (30 m³) pressure tank (ASME Code Stamped); canned motor unloading/supply pump; spill containment; magnetic coupled level gauge; high level vapor float valve; ladder to provide access to the Isotank or tanker trailer; and stainless steel unloading hoses with drip-less Dry LinkŪ fittings. With this "turn key" design, your storage system could be operational the day it is delivered to the site.

This size is ideal for an over-the-road Isotank or tank truck delivery. For the large drum or in some cases, tank car user, switching to just-in-time bulk delivery and installing a storage tank will result in considerable cost savings, emissions reduction/elimination and major safety improvements. ERG Systems'  Annual Usage versus Storage Size a tables can help you select the proper tank.

Unloading is accomplished by securing the trailer, grounding to the shipping container, connecting the liquid and vapor hoses, equalizing the vapor spaces, priming the pump, and starting the pump. All tank emissions are recycled back to the shipping container for recovery at the suppliers site, which exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency's Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT).

A 25,000 gallon (95 m³) tank is available for tank car delivery. Operation is identical to the 8,000 gallon system. Depending upon tank location, a dedicated unloading pump maybe required. The Storage Skid System is available on a lease basis.

  1. ASME Design
  2. MACT Standard
  3. Capacity 1.5 ton (US)
  4. Turnkey System
  5. Design Press 100 psig
  6. Spill Containment
  7. Vent Condenser
  8. Ergonomic Design
  9. Flexible Design
Large Saddle Tank Storage

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