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Containment Skid System

Containment Skid System8200If usage exceeds one Portable Tank per week, Just-In-Time delivery is probably the most cost effective approach.

To facilitate unloading of our Portable Tanks, ERG Systems has designed an unloading skid called the Containment Skid System. The skid provides full spill containment, a roof overhead, an operator platform that provides easy access to the Portable Tank, a nitrogen padding system, and a grounding system. Options include a supplied air breathing system, fire control system and a stainless steel hose with a drum injection nozzle. The system can also be used for loading by adding a scale and controls.

A level site, immediately adjacent to a road suitable for fork lift trucks is required. Proximity to the point of use is also desirable to minimize piping and unloading pressure (lower pressure reduces nitrogen requirements).

The Containment Skid System will be received with the roof in the shipping position to minimize height. All that is required for assembly are simple hand tools. Designated fork lift channels are provided for handling. The system can be operational the same day it is delivered. The Containment Skid System is available for lease.

  1. Loading/Unloading
  2. Spill Containment
  3. Ergonomic Design
  4. Flexible Design
  5. Forklift Portable
Containment Skid System8200


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