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Portable Tank System

Portable Tanks were designed (Drums vs Portable Tanks) to be survivors to what may happen in the real world of hazardous chemical transport. They are highly resistant to impact (including gun fire), fire, and spills. They are designed to replace drums or less robust containers for hazardous chemicals. With over ten years experience, the Portable Tank has a perfect safety record.

Dripless "keyed" disconnects speed unloading and ensure no operator exposure. The magnetic level gauge allows the unloading to be monitored, if desired. The standard design provides built-in spill protection.

Some customers feed directly to a process, in which case the Containment Skid System can be used for spill control. If you have a continuous need for small amounts of product and wish to avoid excessive holding times, ERG Systems offers a Mini Storage System to hold 350 to 1,000 gallons of product. ERG Systems Annual Usage versus Storage Size tables can help you select the proper tank.

  1. IMO T19; ASME Design
  2. MACT* Standard
  3. Ballistic Tested
  4. Stainless Steel 304 Construction
  5. 250 Gallons (946 liters)
  6. 150 psig Design &100 psig Safety Relief
  7. No Bottom Outlet
  8. Internal Dip Leg With Well Cup
  9. Swagelok Drip less Connections
  10. Internal Magnetic Level Gauge Option
  11. No Operator Product Exposure
  12. No Environmental Emission
* MACT = Maximum Achievable Control Technology
Portable Tank

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