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Mini Skid Storage

The Mini Skid Storage System is designed for customers that typically use less than 70 tons per year or under one Portable Tank per week. The system allows 350 to 1,000 gallons to be stored onsite, outside, under any ambient conditions.

Portable Tank (250 gallons or 946 liters) delivered products can be unloaded by nitrogen pressure into a 350 gallon ( 1,340 liters), 100 psig design, steel tank. The tank is enclosed in a steel tank spill containment designed for minimum pressure and vented to the air. Instrumentation includes a nitrogen check valve, pressure gauge, safety relief valve, storage relief valve, and storage magnetic level gauge. The innovative -70 °C condenser recovers product emissions.

To unload, the Portable Tank is placed adjacent to the skid and grounded. Levels are checked in both tanks prior to the transfer to ensure capacity is available. The Mini Skid Storage System pressure is vented through the vent recovery condenser to the atmosphere. The liquid and inert transfer hose connections are made to the Portable Tank. Transfer begins by applying nitrogen pressure to the portable tank. The unloading rate is manually controlled to minimize emissions. Upon completion of the unloading, the Portable Tank is returned with 15 psig nitrogen pressure. Product is supplied to the process by nitrogen pressure on the storage. The Mini Skid Storage System is available for lease.

  1. MACT Standard
  2. Capacity 350 - 1,000 gallons
  3. Turnkey System
  4. Design Press 100 psig
  5. Spill Containment
  6. -70 °C Vent Condenser
  7. Ergonomic Design
  8. ASME Code Stamp
  9. Forklift Portable
Portable Tank

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