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The Field Unloading Kit

The Field Unloading Kit allows Portable Tanks to be unloaded on a temporary basis for limited use such as:
  1. Product Development
  2. Oil field chemical injection
  3. New customer start-up
  4. Other non recurring applications

  1. Liquid - 15 ft; 1 inch; SS316 hose equipped with check valve; Swagelok quick connect fitting keyed orange on one end; and pipe threads on the other end.
  2. Gas - 15 ft.; 0.5 inch; SS316 hose equipped with Swagelok quick connect fitting keyed green on one and union for the regulator on the other end.
  3. Nitrogen cylinder regulator with check valve and safety relief valve set for 50 psig.

HazChemicals Recovery System

How often have you faced the challenge of decontaminating piping and equipment in hazardous chemical service? Are you handling and recycling laboratory samples in a safe, environmentally friendly manner? ERG Systems has a simple solution. The forklift portable HazChemicals Recovery System can be easily move to the job site. Product is purged into the Recovery System with nitrogen. The innovative -70 °C condenser recovers emissions. When repairs are completed, the product can be returned to the process via nitrogen pressure. A lab sample return option is also available. The HazChemicals Recovery System is available for leasing.

  1. MACT Standard
  2. 250 Gallons
  3. Turnkey System
  4. Design Press 100 psig
  5. Spill Containment
  6. -70 °C Vent Condenser
  7. Ergonomic Design
  8. Lab Sample Recovery
  9. ASME Design
  10. Flexible Design

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