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Environmental Features

Passive Safety, Environmental & Operating Features

ERG Systems' storage and transport tanks share many of the same passive design features built into the system to enhance safety, environmental control and ease of operating. The extra margin goes into the design.

Feature Portable Tank Mini Bulk Tank Skid Storage Custom Design
No Bottom Connections S S S S
Well Cup S S S S
Magnetic Level O S S O
Vapor Check NA NA S O
Spill Containment S S S S
Fire Resistant NA S S O
Vapor Recycle O S S S
Dripless Connections S S S O

S - Supplied O - Optional NA - Non applicable

ASME Code Stamp - Certification by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers that the design and construction of a pressure vessel conforms to stringent standards.

No Bottom Connections - All connections are from the top.

Well Cup - A sump for the education tube to provide maximum stripping. A real advantage when cleaning a vessel.

Magnetic Coupled Level Gauge - A magnetic coupled float around a stainless steel tube to enable the tank's level to be read without any chance of product exposure.

Vapor Check Valve - On high-high level a ball float plugs the vent connection.

Spill Containment - A collection basin designed to contain a spill.

Fire Resistant - The ability to surround the storage tank with water to reduce heat exposure from a fire.

Vapor Recycle - The exchange or condensation of loading emissions.

Dripless Connections - Unloading connections that are designed to eliminate leaks and mis-connections.

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