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About Us

We provide our customers with innovative and environmentally responsible chemical handling products and services that will meet or exceed their expectations.

ERG Systems - About UsIn 1995, ERG Systems founders decided to take their significant experience in the fabrication of steel chemical reactors and storage vessels in a new direction to respond to the need for improved chemical packaging for hazardous liquids. A historical practice had been to ship chemical liquids, including hazardous chemicals liquids, in single trip, non-returnable drums to customers who did not consume, or did not have the necessary storage, to receive in bulk quantities. Whether the drums were reclaimed for reuse or disposed of, the outcome was an environmental risk. ERG Systems has responded with innovative products for environmentally responsible chemical packaging, transport and storage that permit zero discharge transfers. This means that neither the operators nor the environment are exposed to the chemicals from which they are supposed to be protected.

Since their introduction, portable tanks have accumulated over 400,000 operating days or 9,600,000 hrs without an incident.

Let us apply our innovative systems to your specific chemical requirements.

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